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Suhaila Nordin

Suhaila Nordin

Having explored the benefits of yoga and meditation for more than a decade, Suhaila Nordin (Aila) decided to start sharing some of the secrets of what she has learned with others. “So I created a methodology and an avenue to help people and corporations to connect with their true nature and goals through creativity and ‘intentional living’,” says the founder of Bali-based wellness and lifestyle concept Niat Living. Niat Consulting on the other hand, is her strategic marketing consulting services for corporates and entrepreneurs using the same philosophy of intentional company growth, clear corporate culture and conscious marketing solutions.

Aila has a degree in marketing and advertising from Curtin University of Technology in Australia. Before moving to Bali five years ago to work for Beachwalk Bali Shopping Center, she worked in Jakarta for 10 years. A certified yoga and meditation instructor since 2014, she offers “pop-up” classes anywhere in Bali including private sessions and retreats also in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Perth. Her students – or “Heartists” -come from as far away as the United States, Egypt, Dubai and Australia. Niat Living “is a beginner’s essential guide to
self-discovery and the art of intentional living through creative meditation and mindfulness”.

As Malaysia-born Aila puts it, her concept “offers a body, mind and heart practice that cultivates stillness, infuses your senses to ignite intentions and live in alignment with your true nature.” Niat also means “intention” in Bahasa and Malay language. Through her classes and brand consults, she sets out “to guide people to start living with intention. Everybody goes through a lot of things and is rarely aware of what is happening. What is the reason behind this, or our intention to fix that? So, before you go out to find solutions, you had better look inward by knowing yourself and your intentions. To get there, you have to be mindful, and that’s where meditation plays an important role.”


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