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Valencia  Tanoesoedibjo

Valencia Tanoesoedibjo

Valencia Tanoesoedibjo is Chief Commercial Officer of Brand Outlet, an e-commerce platform that operates under her father Hary’s MNC Group. “Brand Outlet is part of MNC Digital, along with other digital platforms such as Mister Aladdin, MeTube, Okezone and Moviebay,” she says. “I’m a millennial, so the digital world is part of my life while I also have a big interest in fashion. I see these two industries growing rapidly in Indonesia. That’s why I’m so excited to be a fashionpreneur.”

After earning a Master’s degree in communication from University of Technology Sydney, Valencia began her professional career two years ago. “I spent my first year working at RCTI, MNC Pictures and Okezone,” she says. “I was instantly hooked by Okezone because it runs on a digital platform. The digital world is very intriguing to me because it creates the future. “My father is my biggest mentor. When I was little he taught me to have a vision for what I was going to do in the future. The biggest lessons he taught me were about speed and quality. At MNC, we have to work with great quality. But at the same time we have to do it quickly. Another thing I have learned is the importance of being real with yourself, and to love what you’re doing.”

Valencia is also the co-founder of an online clothing brand, Lovo Clothing. “The meaning of success for me is not based on fame or material gain,” she says. “I believe each person has their own place in this world. The best thing that we can do is find that place and fulfill it. That’s what success means for me, and I’m on my way there.”


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