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Veruschka Nadja

Veruschka Nadja

Veruschka Nadja is the gorgeous and glamorous co-founder of The Upper East luxury multi-brand store in Grand Indonesia and creator of the Agua de Alma swimwear and resort wear brand. The 33-year-old entrepreneur was born in Jakarta. Thanks to a diplomatic corps upbringing, she grew up in Sydney and several European cities, including Madrid, Bucharest and Munich. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Spanish, she studied public relations in Munich and the fashion business in Jakarta. She enjoys the theatre, ballet and literature.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the fashion industry,” she says. “I began my career while I was also in school, studying for a fashion business degree. Juggling college and buying trips to New York Fashion Week and other events, I managed to co-found The Upper East. Later, I turned my personal needs for swimwear and resort wear into a business. What motivated me to build the brand was that whenever I found myself preparing to go to a resort, I had trouble finding the perfect pieces to pack. That’s why I decided to create my own resort collection.

“Building the business from scratch and managing its ups and downs has taught me to be creative and innovative. Thinking a step ahead and seeing how the market reacts are the barometer of your hard work. I’m learning each day how to develop a solid brand. The main qualities a person must have to succeed as an entrepreneur are being a good team leader and listening to your team’s ideas. I don’t believe in having a vast gap between the top and the staff. It’s always good to sweat the details and to be approachable.”


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