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Winda Malika Siregar

Winda Malika Siregar

Winda Malika Siregar is a tastemaker in Indonesia’s culture scene. Among her projects are Veda Adhvan Pratima and Imagerie International, a company that produces large scale fashion and art exhibitions, including photo and video displays at renowned shopping centers in Jakarta. Recently, she collaborated with Sherly Worth and Moza Pramita on Codeltra Asia, a branding and image management company.

Her concern for culture preservation has motivated her to become involved in projects such as Jakarta Old Town – Kotaku and most recently, Yayasan Mitra Museum Jakarta. The foundation works with DKI Jakarta government to revitalise museums around the province. A love of the arts and culture runs in Winda’s family. Her late grandmother was an opera soloist during the Dutch colonial period. Her mother, Miranda Goeltom, is an economist and art lover whose role is pivotal at Yayasan Seni Rupa Indonesia, Himpunan Keramik Indonesia and Nusantara Symphony Orchestra.

Winda credits her mother as her biggest mentor. “ I especially admire her realistic levelheadedness and courageous tenacity, her out-of-this-world intelligence and down-to-earth humility, her lively passion and cool serenity, in all that she does,” says Winda. “I have yet to master that trait, how to find the perfect balance.”

Winda studied mathematics and chemistry at the University of Melbourne and London School of Economics and Political Science. “I guess I’ve always lived my life walking along that fine line that divides science and the arts,” says Winda. “My work experiences have enabled me to combine these elements, as my mathematical background gives me the ability to attempt any fashion or arts project in a systematic manner, while my love for the arts couples my logical thinking with endless imagination.”


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