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The evening of September 6 this month saw a glorious and colourful stream of fashion statements walk through the three shopping malls of Siam: Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery, a collective force now recognised as “One Siam”. The area of Siam itself seemed an appropriate place to hold a fashion show celebrating Thai designs of this magnitude, as the streets of Siam, even prior to the establishment of ‘One Siam’ are forever ingrained in the Thai psyche as being the mecca of Thai fashion. It is on this very square mile that some of Thailand’s most internationally celebrated designers opened their very first stores; think the likes of POEM, Greyhound and Tube Gallery, to name a few.

And never before was a Thai fashion show so wildly immersive, daring yet sophisticated, and more importantly, an unadulterated celebration of the creative intelligence of Thai designers as models strutted hot and fiery looks through the three malls. International brands too fashioned looks that walked the highly charged runway, but all who attended will no doubt hold the Thai creations they saw first and foremost in vivid memory.

The event saw the unveiling of the Autumn/Winter 2019 collections from super luxury brands, international brands, Thai designers and street fashion labels with looks carried by over 100 models in a star-studded fashion parade. All who attended were acutely aware of the power of OneSiam as a supreme global destination and fashion hub offering the best in top trends. As crowds gathered at the front of Siam Paragon by the fountain awaiting the models, a big screen forecasted their arrival as the camera followed the models’ journey through the three malls to reach the stage-turned-runway. The distinct character of each of the three malls also shone through the screen to solidify the fact that although they complement each other greatly, each of the malls embodies their own unique style of fashion shopping. For instance, if you’re looking to “Be Amazed” by the latest and greatest from the world’s super luxury brands, it’s Siam Paragon you’ll no doubt head to. If you’re looking to seriously “Be Inspired” by the new collections of Thai designers and street fashion labels (which we so were by the way!), then no doubt head to Siam Center. And if you’re looking to channel the inner rebel in you and “Be Revolutionary”, head to Siam Discovery to check out the collectively cool Autumn/Winter 2019 collections from many brands around the world.

The event commenced with well-known Thai celebrities rocking different looks presented by established super luxury brands. Model and actress Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund, who we fondly remember for her role as the smart yet subversive sister of Sunny in one of our favourite Thai movies, ‘Brother of the Year’, looked chic as heaven wearing an elegant outfit by Louis Vuitton. Other high-flying Thai celebrities who were noted for adding a twinkle to the evening included Naphat “Nine” Siangsomboon, who looked handsomely elegant in an outfit by Fendi. Kritsananapoom “JJ” Pibulsonggram received a string of wolf whistles and the sounds of girls screaming when he walked onto the stage wearing a quintessentially autumnal piece by Loewe. Other super luxury brand stars of the evening included Kanyawee “Tha Naerng” Songmuang in Gucci, Thanapob “Tor” Leeratanakajorn in Prada, Chonglathorn “Captain” Kongyingyong in German label MCM and more.

Chanisa Kaewruen with Thai Designers.

These big stars were by no means the ones that stole the show as Thai designers and their respective collections and models played a tremendous part in dazzling the audience. The runway of over 100 models kept us fashion lovers well entertained. Read on to find out about the looks from the Thai and international Autumn/Winter 2019 collections that stole our hearts at the OneSiam World Fashion Trend 2019.

Our favourite looks from the evening

The Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Men’s collection draws inspiration concepts such as “Futurism” and “Classicism” from prints drawn by guest artist Karl Collage. Female lovers of FENDI can grab the latest KAN U and Peekaboo bags to update their wardrobe and stay far ahead of the fashion trends. FENDI lovers, don’t forget to head to Siam Paragon to check out what’s hot off the runway this season.

Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection has been likened to the lively “sartorial melting pot” that emerged in the area surrounding the Centre Pompodou in Paris, where the brand’s Creative Director, Nicolas Ghesquière, received his primary inspiration when creating the collection. The brand’s latest plays with graphic contrasts, cultural clashes and colourful re-interpretations of LV’s signature pieces, such as the iconic Twist bag Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund is seen holding. Check out Louis Vuitton’s latest Autumn/Winter collection at Siam Paragon.

Is that a furry red heart pinned to his heart? Yes, it is! Thanapob “Tor” Leeratanakajorn is seen rocking some of the key pieces from the brand’s very winteresque collection, including a hand-knit Shetland wool sweater, a reversible leather belt and a safety pin with a heart (that also comes in black by the way!) Prada’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection for both men and women is all about looking rock-chique, featuring fun and flowery prints mixed with darker colours, thick sweathers, and fun accessories. Check out Prada’s latest Autumn/Winter collection at Siam Paragon.

Spanish luxury brand LOEWE’s latest Autumn/Winter 2019 collection confirms they are at the forefront of the game when it comes to creating luxury leather products. The latest collection unifies earthy tones with earthy materials, and plays with asymmetric designs, oversized denim and zip sweaters, knitwear, stripes and more. And if you’re shopping for a beautiful handbag or man bag like the one Jay Jay’s wrapped up in, be sure to check out LOEWE’s collection at Siam Paragon.

We were particularly fascinated by Bank’s fashion statement, a fun and vibrant look from Off-White’s latest Autumn/Winter collection. The fashion label was founded by the famed American designer Virgil Abloh and is an expression of that grey area found between black and white, hence, “Off-White”.  Check out Off-White’s latest Autumn/Winter collection at Siam Paragon.

Is it the stockings and the knee pads or the tie and suit jacket that made this look so killer? When we saw Kanyawee “Tha Naerng” Songmuang marching to her look, we couldn’t decide whether she was heading to school, the office or a hockey match. Either way, this look rocks. Spot Gucci’s latest collection at Siam Paragon.

Wearing vibrant and popping neon-inspired pieces mixed with casual grey sportswear trackies and white lace-ups with some killer yellow soles (and soul!), Nathalie looked super-hot. Where to go if you’re looking for the latest and greatest pieces from German brand MCM’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection? Siam Paragon, of course!

Out of all the latest Autumn/Winter 2019 collections by Thai designers we’ve stalked, we have to say, Kloset’s is one of our favourites. The sweet and fragrant concepts that inspired this latest collection “MIDNIGHT IN PARIS” are based on the idea that “love is so sweet and the moment of love is always so special”. Head to Siam Center if you want to see more beauties from this utterly romantic and oh-so-Parisian collection.

Sammy Cowell is hot, as is Wonder Anatomie, and the both of them combined on the catwalk made for a very saucy scene indeed.  this particular look was taken from Wonder Anatomie’s latest collection, WONDER TWIST”  Very fun and flamboyant, and totally worth checking out if you head to Wonder Anatomie’s store at Siam Center.

We absolutely fell in love with the subtle yet playful complexities of this look by Q Design and Play,  This look is snatched from its “QDAP ORIGINAL” collection that is the reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic and distinctive identity. Head to Siam Center to check out more Men’s pieces from this charming collection.

Another Autumn/Winter collection by a Thai fashion label we really enjoyed was Painkiller’s. The brand’s latest collection, “HOMELAND” takes you to the realm of one Thai guy’s interpretation of the meaning of “homeland”.  the very things this collection was inspired by and most definitely the vibe Anusith “Bank” Sangnimnuan was channelling. Check out this rurally cool collection by Painkiller at Siam Center and perhaps you too can grow some green fingers this winter.

Not a single person would have missed the fairy-like apparition that was Pancake as she glided across the runway wearing this eye-turning piece by The Wonder Room.  By the way, have you checked out The Wonder Room at Siam Center recently? It is simply a treasure trove for some of the coolest and most wonderful fashion items. And be sure to marvel at The Wonder Room’s exclusive collection “Pony Stone x Hello Kitty” that plays with our favourite cat character of all time. Hello Kitty fans won’t be disappointed!

Wow, this look by one of the biggest GO’s in Thai fashion really turned heads. Plengkwan Nattaya Thongsaen’s looked so cool and glacial in this summer-fun rendition that sort of gives off a yellow raincoat type of vibe. Meaning? Even when Autumn and Winter come, we can still live playfully in our fashion statements. Greyhound Original have done it again! Check out more pieces from the latest collection at Siam Center.

Pattric Boyle’s fun and vibrant pieces, inspired by the “GARDEN IN THE HIDDEN” theme, definitely stood out, with floral silk prints and suits to coats of complete orange. This was definitely one of the more “camp” and ingeniously artistic collections. Check out more pieces from the latest collection at Siam Center.

It’s a shame you can’t see the delicious hot pink boots she was wearing to finish off the outfit. Check out more pieces from the latest collection at Siam Center.

Check out more pieces from the latest collection at Siam Center.

It’s crazy how much one sweater can really grab one’s attention. This one does because of that standout werewolf. Norrapphat Vilaiphan  just stood out so bluntly whilst rocking this simple yet playful sweater by Maison Kitsune. You should totally check out the French brand’s pop-up store at Siam Discovery for some seriously revolutionary steals.


The end of this year brings with it some seriously cool new Autumn/Winter collections to match Thailand’s unique winter season, which is always more cool than it is cold. As always, One Siam makes it so easy for style lovers and fashionistas to stay on top of the season’s trends. Don’t forget to head to any one of the three shopping malls at Siam to get your fashion fix. Whether you visit one or you visit them all, you’re bound to unearth some bold new looks and fashion statements that’ll leave you feeling trendier than ever.

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