Nicolas Ghesquière’s Newfound Fascination of Beaubourg’s Culture in Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

As the trends of fall/winter 2019 are prone to the ’70s era, Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière has found an interesting inspiration from the artsy arrondissement, Beaubourg, French, for the brand’s latest womenswear collection. The brand’s fall/winter 2019 collection show took place at the Centre Pompidou, which is a modern art museum of Paris and cultural centre founded by the former French President Georges Pompidou in 1977.

The Centre Pompidou is famous for modern art exhibitions. It is also located at the centre of Paris, near two of the most dynamic areas which are Les Halles and Le Marais. Sounds familiar? Les Halles was the most prominent food market in, and Le Marais has become one of the trendiest areas in Paris. “The Centre Pompidou, Beaubourg, Les Halles, Place des Innocents: A fascinating incubator of a neighbourhood. An incredible melange, converging in the epicentre. The cliques, the styles, the life… I love that impression of a sartorial melting pot. Today, I’ve transposed it at Louis Vuitton: a House of multiple expressions…,” says Ghesquiere.

With all the fascinating cultural history in the area, Ghesquière translated what the Centre Pompidou represents in the collection. The incredible feat of the Centre Pompidou that inspired the collection was the ID Code of fluidity – an architect’s glossary that’s both formal and fanciful. Green is water, blue is air, yellow is electricity. Red is human. At Beaubourg, as in fashion, everything’s a matter of flow. Power is identified through the gesture. The pop art colours are seen from the prints, sweaters, to ankle boots.

Other key pieces from the collection are the ’70s trending silhouette of strong shoulders, cinched waist pants, and skirts. Little detail such as a square-buckled belt that has an eye image with Debbie Harry’s smokey eye style on it, completes the groovy mood from the disco era. The collection also boasts Ghesquière’s signature crop jackets and suit jackets. Although he seemed to bring more of the ’70s glorified trends, he also takes us to the future with a graphic juxtaposition that surfaces on the new “Monogram LV Pop” and the beginnings of the “The LV Arch”, a bag as classic as it is knowledgeable.

Edgy and artsy, Ghesquière has made a fall/winter collection that is full of collectable pieces which are hard to miss. See more highlighted looks and details we love below.